How to Shop For The Right Mattress

A good night's sleep is vital for so many reasons. It’s crucial to good physical and mental health. Our overall well-being is tied very closely to the quality of sleep we get. Being well-rested can have drastic effects on our brain function and our ability to retain information. This makes your mattress the essential piece of dorm room furniture you will buy. Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress has the widest selection of mattresses in Jacksonville, NC. No matter what your sleeping style or preference, they will have something to suit your needs. Not exactly sure what your needs are? Here are four tips on how to shop for the right mattress for you!

A bed with pillows and covers.

Learn About Mattress Materials

The type of material a mattress is made of can tell you a lot. It could tell you what kind of support you’ll get. Or maybe you are looking for dorm room furniture made of sustainably sourced materials. Whatever the case may be, educating yourself is key to understanding your purchase and what’s best for you. Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress can answer all your questions and help you get your best night’s sleep

Take it For a Test Drive

Once you have an idea of the kind of mattress you are looking for, head to the store and try it out! Go ahead. You know you want to. Nobody’s paying attention, so lay down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Stay there for at least 10 minutes and don’t worry, that's what’s expected of you. A mattress is an essential purchase, after all. Once you've laid there for a bit, think about how it felt. Were you tossing and turning, trying to relax, or did the salespeople have to politely wake you for your snoring? Did your body feel in pain or entirely at ease? Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress has everything from a little too hard to a little too soft, to just right.

Two people on a mattress at the store.
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Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t make any major purchase without doing your homework; a mattress is no exception. Read recommendations and reviews online, learn about the warranty, return and refund policies, and whether they offer a trial period. Visit Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress for more information on their affordable extended warranties, financing, delivery options, and more.

Do Your Homework

Sometimes you will find products labeled “orthopedic” or “medically-approved.” There is no actual medical governing body that is in charge of certifying mattresses. There may be orthopedic-friendly options, but none of them are accredited or recognized by the medical community. Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress has such a wide variety of mattresses they can find what you need without the gimmicks.

A mattress set in the center of a room.

When you purchase dorm room furniture, your mattress is the one piece that will affect every area of your life. So make sure you know what you're buying before you buy it. Know what materials you want or don't want. Understand the details of your purchase. Then when you are ready to test drive, head to Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress in historic Jacksonville. In their massive showroom, you can test (or nap) to your heart's content.