How to Choose The Right Home Accents For Your Style

When trying to style a small room, like a dorm, it can seem difficult to turn such a stark space into a homey one. With well-placed accents, creative display ideas, and the right furniture, you can take your dorm room decor to the next level. But if you're still wondering where to start, read on for four tips on choosing the right accents for your style. Then head to Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress in Jacksonville, NC. They have everything you need, from dorm room furniture to home accents to turn any space into your home.

A room decorated with unique furniture and items.

Incorporate Items From Your Life

The key to decorating to personal style is to incorporate your favorite items into your decor. Maybe you have a great book collection. They can be displayed as part of a vignette with some candles and a picture frame or stacked to create a side table for your reading corner.  If you have a green thumb, you could display some of your plant babies in chic vases. Draw on your life and interests for inspiration and head to Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress for everything else.

Figure Out What Style You Identify With

Like everything else in life, it might take some practice to identify what style you vibe with. Browse through dorm room decor pictures and home stores. Pay close attention to the items that you gravitate towards. Do you like the nature-inspired elements of a boho concept, or are you drawn to a minimalist, industrial design? Whatever your inspiration, Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress has what you need to express yourself through your decor.

A woman sitting on the floor of her living room holding a cat.
A living room decorated with plants and a white sofa.

Combine Style With Functionality

When decorating a small area, like a dorm room, furniture should serve multiple purposes. A fold-out couch gives you extra space for friends to crash on. A well-placed storage ottoman or bench can provide additional seating and storage space. A combination mirror/ accessories cabinet can free up valuable closet or desktop space. Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress has a great selection of dorm room decor and furniture to help you make the most of your area.

Surround Yourself With Things You Love

The only thing you need to remember is that at the end of the day, your place is a reflection of you so if you love it, make it work! If you see a piece of artwork that you love and inspires you, put it on the wall. If you find a cool desk lamp that you are obsessed with but don't know if it'll fit the motif, who cares! Your style can be as eclectic as you and your interests. Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress can help you build around your most loved pieces to make them work with your dorm room decor.

A living room with a big leather couch and rustic details and decorations.

When moving into a small space like a dorm room, several factors can impact your design decisions. That can make it hard to know where your style fits into it all. By drawing on your life, interests, and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, your dorm room decor can reflect you and your style. Once you have a design in mind, head to Boomtown Furniture, Appliance & Mattress for everything from rugs, to unique furniture items, to accents to help your style shine through.