How to Add a Pop of Color to Any Room

How to Add a Pop of Color to Any Room

Are you thinking about renovating an otherwise boring room in your Jacksonville home? Maybe you’re thinking of transforming your space into an office, a study room, a nursery, or a child’s bedroom. Whatever the case may be, the project may be easier than you think! By adding a pop of color in the form of one painted wall, some bright throw pillows, or a beautiful piece of art for the wall, your boring room can be brought back to life. 

In today’s post from Boomtown Furniture, Appliance, & Mattress, we have a few different ways to add a pop of color to any room in your home in order to add vibrancy and life to your space. Whether it’s a room you’re planning to renovate or it’s a room that just needs that extra something, we have the solutions you’ve been looking for! At Boomtown, we offer both brand name appliances and amazing deals on furniture, as well as modern home decor that you’re sure to love. Keep reading to get some ideas for adding color to your Jacksonville home, and stop by Boomtown Furniture, Appliance, and Mattress to shop our store today!

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting an entire room a new color may seem like too big a task, but have you considered just painting one wall? If you’ve found a paint color that you love, but you’re unsure how it will look in a whole room, you may want to think about choosing one wall as an accent wall and getting to work! One painted wall in any room can completely transform your space, giving it the life and vibrancy you’ve been looking for. 

Patterned Rugs

In many cases, it’s not even necessary to open a can of paint and put the work into painting one wall or four. Adding a patterned rug to the room, carpeted or not, can draw your attention and give your space a whole new vibe. At Boomtown Furniture, we sell a variety of patterned rugs for you to choose from. Shop your favorite Jacksonville furniture store today!

Colorful Chairs

Sometimes the only thing you need to do to transform a space is to add a colorful accent chair! How easy is that? A bright, beautiful chair can not only be enjoyed when you need time to read or relax, it can add a whole new dimension to your room — not to mention additional seating for your family or guests. Chairs can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Shop Boomtown Furniture, Appliance, & Mattress to find a beautiful — and colorful — chair to add a pop of color to any room in your Jacksonville home. 

Throw Pillows

Do you have a living room with neutral walls and a gray couch? Sticking to easy, neutral colors is great, but if you want to add a little color without going over the top, throw pillows are the way to go. A few bright and colorful pillows thrown onto your sofa or chairs can be just the right amount of color and vibrancy that you need to add a new look to your otherwise monotone room. 

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No matter how you decide to add some color to your space, Boomtown Furniture, Appliance, & Mattress has what you need at the most affordable prices in Jacksonville. From accent chairs, colorful throw pillows, wall decor, rugs, and more — we know you’ll find what you’re looking for to add a touch of color and vibrancy to any room in your Jacksonville home. Stop by our furniture store or shop online today!

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