Get Your Home Ready For Fall – Dining Room and Entertainment Decor

When it comes to getting your home autumn-ready, you may be wondering where to find the time or the money for such a change. There are many different ways to implement cost-effective and straightforward changes to incorporate a cozy autumn theme into your home design. Read on for some tips on how to get your home ready for fall. Then head to Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress in Jacksonville for all the home decor items you need to make your home fall fabulous.

An image of a room decorated with different prints and sheets.

Swap Out Textiles

A cost-effective and straightforward way to incorporate more fall colors, prints, and patterns into your home design is swapping out some of your decorative textiles. Throw pillows and blankets are a simple way to update a living room or bedroom. Maybe you could add a more extensive dining set for entertaining during the holiday season.  Whether you need a few simple substitutions or more of a design overhaul, Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress has various options to bring autumn into your home.

Style the Mantle

An impactful way to implement some fall style to your home is to spruce up the mantle. Add some candles to make the space cozier, vases to create height, and swap out your picture frames for pops of color. Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress has all the home decor items you need for a fresh fall vibe. 

An image of a vase with fall decorations set on top of a table.
A living room with fall decorations and plants.

Bring in the Foliage

There is nothing to make a space more relaxing than bringing nature in. Whether it's through the use of living, dried, or fake, foliage is a simple way to get the colors and the smells of the season home.  Even adding simple foliage prints to the house through the use of textiles is an easy seasonal update.  Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress has everything from stylish fall vases to autumn-themed throw pillows to bring the beauty of the changing leaves indoors.

Furniture Update

Maybe the holiday season will have you hosting parties, dinners, or out-of-town guests. Whether you need to update the guest bedroom or replace that old couch, Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress has everything from home decor to furniture items for a fall home refresh.

A living room updated with new furniture.

With summer almost over, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and you'll be too busy making plans to update your home in time for fall.  Use these helpful tips, then head to Boomtown Furniture Appliance & Mattress. They have the most extensive selection of home decor and furniture items to bring the warmth and coziness of autumn to your home.